5 AM Club or 7AM Club

Mikie Jones, MCS
4 min readJul 7, 2021

Ever since I was young, I do not have a habit of waking up early. So it’s a constant struggle to wake me up when I go to school back when I need to be attending classes at 7:40 in the morning.

Every time I wake up, my dad will go to the washroom. I’d try to get back to bed and sleep there, being totally alert to the sound of my dad getting out the washroom before I jolt myself out of bed not to get a scolding.

I’d wake up around 7:10, have breakfast, and my dad will speed me to the school and reach around 7:39 or even later than 7:40 AM. We were constantly on the lookout for green lights and dodging traffic like we were in an action movie. Most of the time, the lights will be red. But there are times when all the lights were green and not stop at traffic lights.

I was always known as the kid who was always late. The teachers would tease me. One even asked me whether I stole chickens at night. Which to this day am baffled by what it really means. I’d always go into ‘what are you talking about’ mode. I didn’t laugh. I still don’t to this day.

Robin Sharma wrote a book asking people to wake up at 5 AM to join the 5 AM club. Some people like Tim Cook wakes up at 4 AM.

At this point, I’d want to say that we should start the 3 AM club to beat everybody. Become the kiasu people. The person who never wants to lose. It’s part of the Singaporean culture that some Malaysians do have too.

But what if we start the 8 AM club?

When I was working for an IT firm, I needed to get to the office by 9 AM. So I’d woke up around 8:10 AM to get my butt to the office. I always arrive on the dot or a little earlier during school holidays when it is less jammed.

So, we have the 4 AM club, the 5 AM club, and now I am starting the 8 AM club. That way, we can sleep by 12AM and be okay if we just slept 8 hours.

There is always something terrible about this situation.

They say that we should be sleeping by 10 PM because, by 11 PM, our bodies will start some kind of detoxification process or go on REM and non REM states in which it is best to go to sleep before 11 PM.



Mikie Jones, MCS

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