6 January 2022 Blog Post

Photo by Marek Piwnicki on Unsplash

I have heard about the law of attraction, creative visualization. I’ve come across information about attracting what is out there by changing what is within.

I’ve heard this for a long time. But I still struggle to make these things work for myself.

I am still struggling to get people…

27 December 2021 Mikie Jones Blog Post

Photo by Meghan Hessler on Unsplash

I have been living a life filled with hallucinations, false hopes and plain living in my head.

It’s time to change the script. Take control of it. Be the master of my own fate.

I’m not talking about getting out of the Matrix.

The Matrix is not real. …

29 November 2021 Mikie Jones Musings

Photo by Dmitry Demidko on Unsplash

Bitcoin is something that is really going to be very valuable in the future. If you had bought just 1 bitcoin for a dollar 10 years ago, you’ll have $57,000 for it today. By owning 20 bitcoins, you would already be a millionaire.

It is still very early to say…

26 November 2021 Musings

Photo by Mārtiņš Zemlickis on Unsplash

We just moved into a new office room! It’s so exciting!

When we moved in, we were situated outside with the fixed desk. We could not be loud outside as we were going to be disturbing others.

Sometimes, we were loud and I don’t think anybody was happy with that…

24 November 2021 Musings

Photo by x ) on Unsplash

I’m facing a mountain of work that I will be working on till late next year.

I really don’t know what I am doing with such work that has no way of really making any money.

I’m drowning myself with work that does not pay. …

Mikie Jones, MCS

Writing is my passion for life. I write about love, work, play, life, tech and gaming. All the good things that makes Earth exciting.

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