13 September Musings on a nut case

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It’s the 38th week of the year. Another 14 more weeks till 2022 arrives. Let’s start living 2021 better. We still have time.

I’ve been depressed since Sunday night as there were a lot of things that were bothering me. I cannot say things that I cannot reveal. But I can say that it has things that I have no control over.

Monday morning, I took my meds and went to sleep. I woke up Monday afternoon to take my lunch and went back to sleep. …

Musings about Phase 2 of MCO in Selangor and KL

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My state, Selangor, has just entered Phase 2 of the MCO lockdown.

Slowly, shops are opening. Cinemas are welcoming the return of patrons. Restaurants are welcoming back diners. Offices are seeing companies with 80% of their staff allowed to return.

Our numbers are still high at 21,000+ new cases daily. But we have already gotten more than 80% of Malaysian citizens who have been fully vaxxed.

The main problem is still very much a big question mark for me.

If people are doing the following, that is:

  • wearing masks
  • wearing face shields
  • washing hands often, especially when exposed
  • social distancing

My musings on the brink of my 2nd wedding anniversary

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We all want to do well in life.

Get a nice place to live. Get a beautiful family. Get all the money we can get our hands on without robbing the bank.

We have all the information there is for us to know. By working hard. By coming up with new ideas to make life fun, enjoyable, and fulfilling.

The information lives there on a place called the Internet. I once asked the question, how do I learn how to do well with blogging. A Reddit user told me the Internet. That’s a general answer. I rebuked, saying that I…

Find Out Whether You Are Cut Out To Be A Good Streamer on Twitch

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There are a bunch of people who think that streaming is as easy as just playing games on stream, expecting tons of people to stream in to watch. But, unfortunately, that’s not the case.

There was word that there are people that have 0 viewers for years. That is depressing, but it is true.

After being on Twitch for 2 years, I have found out that Twitch streamers are all vying for your attention. A lot of people use dirty tricks to get viewers, followers and subscribers.


  1. Cheat. By using cheat codes that make them seem invisible in-game.
  2. Help…

9 September 2021 Musings of a Crazy Person

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I think a lot of us have all been there.

Come on to Medium. Try our best to earn a dime or 2, even though we want more than that. We have to find ways and means to get our earnings level higher somehow. But we don’t know the method.

Thus, I am searching for ways to properly monetize here on the platform. Reading more Medium posts will help. Getting in touch with like-minded people and getting to know more people interested in what I write is the way.

Today, I will write about live streaming, ways to get better…

7 September 2021 Musings of a Wannabe Blogger

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All of us writers, whether starting out with just plain writing for no money at all, probably have less stress than those starting out and hoping to earn a thousand bucks doing so.

It is very demoralizing when you find yourself writing for years and earn just a few cents for your work when you put it on Medium.

But we get over the hurt, and the depression and just plain write our hearts out to somehow find a way to monetize. See what works and what doesn’t. Keep experimenting. Keep moving the needle forward.

It’s tough at times to…

Daily Medium Musings of Mikie Jones

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A while back, I was working for a company that did not accept my ideas, nor did they want to take me seriously enough. They think that marketing is not necessary for their products. I was doing what they want to do but do not have the time to do it. I felt out of place because everything I proposed was precisely how a professional marketing company was offering without looking at the proposals beforehand. It was plain and simple. I was not meant for the job, and so I quit.

After quitting, I found myself lost because I thought…

Writings on the 17th of August 2021

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Life as of today is not really that complicated if you properly think about it. Stay at home. Don’t go out. Social distance. Mask up. Wash your hands regularly.

But many people out there are suffering. So it’s sad to think that we cannot help but pray for those affected by the COVID19 situation.

All I can think of is to keep ourselves at home and protect our loved ones and not go visit people and go out unnecessarily to decrease the risk of contracting the virus.

I checked the news about the situation in the US recently. That more…

12th July — 18th July 2021 Highlights

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What Happened in Week 29? The Week’s Review

This week was particularly memorable as 99 new followers came on our Twitch channel on Tuesday. We have been busy prepping our channel and streaming live each day for the past 4 weeks now. We have never done this ever in our life. Streaming 4 weeks in a row without any day off, that is.

The good thing is that we are doing a lot every day. So even when progress is slow, we know that we have to keep working to make our marketing and our stream better every day. …

The challenges and the experience itself

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Every day, we wake up, and we start to promote our Twitch channel.

Soon, we are live streaming us eating and chatting with our viewers.

Games and writing follow. In another 5–6 hours, we end the stream. We then start to clip our moments of the day after the stream ends.

There are a lot of marketing activities that we have yet to explore and implement.

Thus, it is best if we are to learn things and get things done the proper way.

Problem is…

We don’t know how to do things the proper way. So, we stumble, and we…

Mikie Jones, MCS

Tech lover, and life on Earth.

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