Global Warming and Floods

13 January 2022 Mikie Jones Blog Post

Mikie Jones, MCS
3 min readJan 13, 2022


There is no telling when COVID19 will be over. Did the scientists predict that the Delta and Omicron variants would emerge?

I doubt anybody would have seen that coming.

If anything else, there will be more variants that will keep coming in the years to come. So we just have to be prepared for it.

A few weeks ago, Malaysia was hit by flash floods that wiped out billions of ringgit of property. I feel that it has to do with global warming. Who knew that a place like Malaysia that is supposed to be free of natural disasters has now got floods that could see the water rise high as the roof of a house. It’s scary to think that this will be a regular occurrence soon as global warming worsens.

Unfortunately, it will not be a surprise if that is the case. There is word that this kind of flood happens every 100 years. But if we are going to be thinking about how the climate is changing, we have to be prepared to face more floods in the coming days.

There will always be disasters and COVID variants that will inevitably happen. So, we will have to protect ourselves and learn how to protect ourselves from it all.

For all those that have been hit by flash floods in the places they stay, it is wise to move to another area to live where there was no flood. But still, to relocate means a lot of money. Sometimes, we are stuck where we are and need to somehow have plans as to how to move our belongings to higher ground when such an event occurs ever again.

The government says there will be warning systems that will be implemented to warn residents about the incoming floods. It will alert people to evacuate within 2 days before the flood arrives. So there is hope that when the next flood of this magnitude happens ever again, people can adequately move their belongings and cars to a safe area before it happens.

Nobody can foresee the future. But there will always be ways to forecast the weather and predict future events that may or may not happen.

After COVID and the Malaysian floods, we have to learn how to protect ourselves and find ways to keep ourselves safe. Unfortunately, there will always be people ignorant of what is going on around them. Be alert, pay attention to the news, and always have plans to evacuate when the time comes to do so.

I wish that all of us will never have to suffer ever again. Of course, that’s just wishful thinking. But at least, we can have plans to avoid the losses and keep them to a minimum when disaster strikes.

I pray you will always be safe.




Mikie Jones, MCS

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