Growth. Not Money.

17 January 2023 Mikie Jones Blog Post with Podcast Link

Mikie Jones, MCS


Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Every day we are hustling a little more, pushing a little more, getting a little more done.

That’s how it is. We don’t really know when we are going to make it. But we know that we are happy doing what we do. We are happy to bake, hustle, read, learn, meet people, connect and make the world a little better than it was yesterday.

I’m especially very fired up about why we should be going to Canada in the not-so-distant future. We just want our kids to have a better life than it is here in Malaysia. Yes, it will take lots of work to get our endeavours properly recognized for what it is. But when success arrives, it will be sweet.

I understand that we have to be patient. Thus, I am still going to put in work every single day including weekends. We will turn out just fine.

My brother is now in Boston at Harvard studying. We are doing our WeCookies projects for the next year or so. All in all, I hope that we will take things as it comes.

My subscriptions for apps and services amount to over thousands a month. I know I have to cut down the number of subs or work harder to get more money in to cover the expenses. I think I will do the latter.

In the days to come, we will reach out to more people and companies to get our WeCookies off the ground. It’s going to be super fun doing what we are doing. Sell and make money. Put in all the work we can to be creating the best cookies there are in Malaysia.

I’m totally fired up and ready to make our dreams a reality.

Happiness is not a destination. It is how you are feeling in the present. When you feel good, joyful, contented, happy and relaxed, that’s what happiness is all about. Some of the poorest people are the happiest when they don’t have to worry and get stressed too much. I know that ambition is something that is very relative. But I know that I am ambitious enough for my own good. Sometimes it is dangerous to just tell yourself that you will be rich because even Bill Gates might not be as rich as he might want to be. Maybe he wants to be a trillionaire. When he gets to trillionaire status, he might want even more money.

Yes, we should be contented with what we have. But it doesn’t hurt to keep improving and getting better at what we do. It’s just a matter of growth and being the best out there. With that in mind, we won’t have to worry about wealth and health. That’s because if we continue to grow and learn each day, we’ll be just fine.



Mikie Jones, MCS

My name is Mikie Jones. I am living the #GrabLife and blogging about it. I also post my #journal here that hopefully will make you feel life is beautiful.