How to make 2023 the best yet

5th March 2023 Blog Post

Mikie Jones, MCS


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It’s been almost 42 years since I arrived on Earth.

Over the years, I have been trying my best to write properly and better. There was a time when I thought that by cutting down the number of difficult words in my blog posts, more people would read my stuff.
That was a total disaster. It not only made me look like a fool. But also made lots of people leave my blog.

I’m still human. I make stupid mistakes.
The people who read will read. Those who don’t read will not read.

I’m embarking on another adventure now. After getting married, I’ve been trying to see what my wife and I can do together.

So, I’ve started to work on a cookie and cupcake business. We would like to launch it by May 2023. It’s now March. We have 2 months to prep and share our cookies and cupcakes with the world.

How do I make 2023 the best year ever?

That will be by earning more, putting my heart into everything I do and not thinking about the past. The trick is to stay in the moment. There’s already enough to keep busy in a day.

There is no time to daydream, think about nonsense, or even masturbate. Since 2004, when I got my first free condom from my university ball, I’ve been actively masturbating.

At first, I was doing it out of curiosity. Then it became an addiction, and I couldn’t stop until I found my wife. That’s when my addiction was cured. I’m thankful to my wife because I no longer desire to masturbate.

If it wasn’t for her, I’d still be wasting time and energy doing the thing I tried many times to stop.

Today, I’m a much better man and using my time better. Other than working all the time, I do nothing else except take a break on Sundays. I bond with my wife by watching TV and making cookies or cupcakes.

Thus, we decided to make cookies and cupcakes for our business.

I’m also going to start some hosting webinars. When I asked a friend whether she’ll attend my webinar, she said she would only participate if someone qualified to teach it. I don’t take that as an offence. But
I can source people to teach…



Mikie Jones, MCS

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