Introducing ASMR Writing

The first writing art form of its kind in the world

Mikie Jones, MCS


Photo by Jr Korpa on Unsplash

We are starting the 2nd Season of The Boo and Bears Show on Twitch. The stream is live from 9 AM to 9 PM daily, putting together our work and life here. It is fun to stream our work and lives on this streaming platform that allows us to live the best lives we possibly can, writing and all.

I’m thrilled to be able to have this chance of streaming right from my home each and every day.

Yes, we have plenty to imagine, create and build.
It’s not for the faint of heart.

Most people will be coming to my channel for what is called ‘ASMR Writing’.

So what is ASMR writing?

ASMR is a whole new kind of writing.

It is a form of writing to enjoy on my live streaming sessions. When I am typing out the words that I pull from the ether and paste them onto the screens you watch every time you visit. We are a stream that writes all sorts of things to make art or inform people about what is out there in the world and gives the reader an experience like none other before in time.

You will listen to lo-fi music as words seep into your mind, sparking thoughts and ideas that will make you realize that you are more than you ever thought you are. A living, breathing thinker that wants to change for the best. To live the best life you can ever live in this lifetime.

I am talking about edutainment that combines reading with music that has words fly out of Boo’s mind onto the screen in real-time.

That’s what it is, folks.

If you can deal with such a thing, do come and experience it for yourself.
You will never want to go back to reading books made of deadwood ever again.



Mikie Jones, MCS

My name is Mikie Jones. I am living the #GrabLife and blogging about it. I also post my #journal here that hopefully will make you feel life is beautiful.