Lockdown MCO 3.0 Commences

1st June 2021 Jumpstart Series

Mikie Jones, MCS
2 min readJun 1, 2021


Malaysia has gone into lockdown again or what we call MCO (Movement Control Order) 3.0.

We will try our best not to go out to do anything other than groceries and morning walks downstairs on the upper ground floor of our building.

God knows what happened to the Malaysian COVID19 situation. There can be too many possibilities that encompass the Ramadan and Idh celebrations last month.

God knows why everybody started thinking that the COVID19 was just some other flu as we passed by bazaars where few put on masks and didn’t social distance.

A while ago, we were disciplined to do what we needed to do to stay away from the virus. But as the months passed by, it seems we started to grow ignorant or impulsive.

200,000 people breached protocol to go back to their families after Ramadhan. Now, they are suffering the consequences of people in their family dying.

It is sad to have already lost 2 people to the pandemic. 1 being my neighbour and the other a family friend. It’s a tragedy how it happened.
Still, we have to stay focused on the road ahead and not let anyone in our circle make us question what it is to live and how bad the situation is.

I urge you to continue thinking positively and that we will be out of this pandemic very soon.

If we are to follow procedures proven to help you avoid the sickness, you will be okay.

I hope that in the days to come, we will be able to go out of this pandemic all well. Free from any forms of dangers that once were just knocking at your doors.

In the meantime, just like the very first time we got locked in, stay healthy, eat healthily, exercise, and spend time with the ones that are closest to you.

We all have video calls. If you have nobody to talk to, do email me at victor.oh@gmail.com

We can have a little chat to lift your mood and talk through what you are going through.

Every one of us deserves friends and family to care for each other.

I pray that you, too, will find this lockdown in Malaysia a blessing in ways that many see as a curse.

May you be healthy and blessed always.
Signing off,



Mikie Jones, MCS

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