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4 August 2022 Rebooting My Personal Medium Blog — Mikie is Back!

Mikie Jones, MCS
6 min readAug 3, 2022


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Life at 41 is just amazing, and I’m just getting started.

Within the past 3–4 months, things have changed drastically. The dream of going to Canada in 2023 is inching ever closer. I started driving Grab, and it has been totally what I just would love to do each and every day. I’m also working with my cousin in Vancouver on the Oculus Quest and loving the experience. Now, DreamWattz has evolved to DreamWattz Canada. That’s when we move to Vancouver next year. I also got Boo and Bears Cookies to work on with Bear.

Photo by Ali Tawfiq on Unsplash

Canada Dream. Again.

While still a high school student, I longed to head to Canada for boarding school. At the age of 14, I was asking mom to send me there. Of course, my parents being my parents, they were reluctant to let me go as they still wanted to spend time with me. That year in 2000, my dream of going to Canada happened.

But while trying to go to Harvard in 1999, after finding out Natalie Portman was attending the university, I was developing psychosis. It all started because of a constant bombardment of messages from the speakers in a Christian conversion camp. I never knew that it was such a camp until I attended it.

Strangers that were schoolmates kept talking trash about me during the last 2 years after the camp. I will walk past schoolmates and hear them gossiping about me. As a result, I was confused, depressed and heard voices.

Harvard was still a dream after going to Canada, and the voices increased in intensity. Soon, I couldn’t take it anymore. Seeing that I just got an 80+ on math test instead of 100 marks made me think I had no more hope to go to Harvard. My teacher sent me to sick bay. Next thing I know I was telling the doctor of a ghost story starring myself. I was taking meds and hospitalised immediately. I never knew what was happening up till this very day.

The Canada Dream happened again after getting married. If you are in Canada, you can work on Kickstarter projects, get paid for freelance…



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