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16 November 2022 Boo’s Daily

Mikie Jones, MCS


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Time is something very personal. But, unfortunately, people are far too pampered and ignorant about time, as though they would live forever.

I’ve been doing that for years, wasting time away and not being able to use time well that is so precious.

When you are aware that you are wasting time, you then catch yourself there and plain panic. What will I do now that I have wasted so much time?

It’s just plain and simple. Start making every second of your existence count from now on.

You can have all the time in the world. But one thing that nobody can ever get more of is time.

It’s sad but true.

I have given myself more time in a day by combining 2 days into one. That means making a 48-hour time frame one single day. The efforts were outstanding. But burnout started, and I began to sleep longer times. The mood to work also started to decrease.

this is a marathon and not a sprint

A little later, I could not move a muscle, staring at the ceiling with no desire to do anything but just lie there like a vegetable.

My psychiatrist tells me that this is a marathon and not a sprint.

A few minutes ago, I started calculating how much time I would have to do my work if I devoted an hour to all my 10 tasks, carrying it out 6 days a week. It amounts to 1872 hours a year.

That is very shocking to even understand that if I just put in 1 hour a day, a whole year of time working on one task can amount to 1872 hours. My mind is blown.

If that is the case, I can do many things within a year if we were to be consistent in putting in the world.

Indeed, it is not easy. There will be days when I will not want to work. Or want to sleep in. That’s the most dangerous obstacle I foresee.

But I just put in the effort like clockwork. I am still determining what I can do within a year. Not to say 5 years.

Time can slip us by without any awareness of it. But I know that if we are to guard it and treat it as best as we can, it will turn into our best friend.

In the days to come, many things will be finished appropriately. Dreams made real.

What’s more, earn enough to live the lifestyle that we want. I’m not asking for mansions or private jets. Just a good life with my family, making new memories and using all my talents to make my world better than it was yesterday.

That’s the dream. We’ll always be blessed and loved. That’s because God will always be there for us if we believe.



Mikie Jones, MCS

My name is Mikie Jones. I am living the #GrabLife and blogging about it. I also post my #journal here that hopefully will make you feel life is beautiful.