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If you ask me whether fitness trackers are any good? I’d tell you they are too good to be true.

These fitness trackers first started with Fitbit. As the competition started to heat up, everybody started jumping on, Up!, Nike, Garmin, Mii. Then, Apple came up with its Apple Watch.

That was when things started to really heat up.

What does fitness trackers do? If you still don’t know and curious, here it is.

The fitness tracker helps the user track their steps, exercise, calories, and distance traveled with a device that you wear on your wrist.

Most trackers also analyze your sleep.

Does the Fitness Track do any good for your health?

Yes, it is. I’ve been using the Fitbit since day one. I had to attach it to my pants with a hook. It motivates you to get more and more steps each day.

I love how it tells me my stats every day. You get to see the graph of your activity by day, week, month, or year.

I then know how much exercise I have gotten in and how much I need to put in to burn the calories needed to get the weight I want.

I also have irregular sleep time and patterns. With this tracker, I can monitor when I sleep, how long I’ve slept, and the quality of my sleep.

So far, I’ve bought 4 brands of trackers. They are FitBit, Nike, Up, and the Apple Watch.

Up was the best in design, and I loved the app that came along with it. But then the company that makes it went down and so did my interest.

That’s because, in a year, I had to bring it in for a warranty claim three times. It was really bad.

The Nike band was super awesome. It gave me badges for so many different things like exercising at 3 AM, the highest calories burnt in a day.

This was then made available in the Apple Watch, where you get badges for many different things. They discontinued making the Nike band awhile ago.

I am a fan of the Apple Watch. It has a very smart idea of using three rings to track the time you need to move around for each hour, the exercise time you put in, and also the calories that you burn.



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