Stress & Goals

17 November 2021 Daily Musings

Mikie Jones, MCS
2 min readNov 17, 2021


Stress is not going to take us anywhere.

We might think that the more worried we are, the more we will focus and get more work done.

That’s not true.

Yes, some of us procrastinate until the last second to finish our assignments or work.


Some of us just are so relaxed, you might wonder whether they have any work to do at all.

The truth is, focus and worry are two different things.

It is better if you are to relax and chill for a bit. Breathe in some fresh air and take a walk. Move away from the stress and, most of all, stay in the moment. Then, we will be just fine.

You work best when you are focused. Not worried.

Over the months, I have tried to meditate but don’t seem to find the time to do so.

Squeezing in gym time has still not been successful. I have so much to do I fail to catch anything when juggling multiple tasks.

I think it is time to step back, throw everything out of the window once again and start fresh.

I know that I have deadlines to chase, goals to achieve, and lots of stress is piling up, especially when you are doing it all alone. But that is no excuse not to work and put in all my effort to make things work.

I just need to pace myself and get work done correctly.

I don’t have to panic.

I don’t have to think that I can’t do it all alone.

It’s all just in my mind. Maybe it is possible to do it all alone. Perhaps I don’t need somebody to help me out after all.

I need to focus and do what I can to make things work.

I’ve been through worse times, and I managed to survive. I will be just fine, I know.

The clock is ticking.

I got around 196 more days to make things happen for myself.

It’s not much. But it is the least I can do to move on to bigger things from here.

I once asked myself to earn a million bucks within a year. Now, I am cutting down the numbers to a few thousand.

Maybe now, I can do things better and faster.

My goals are not that hard to achieve. If only I knew the way, it would be easier.

But now, I got to experiment and do trial and error work.

Fail fast, achieve fast.

Let’s do it!




Mikie Jones, MCS

My name is Mikie Jones. I am living the #GrabLife and blogging about it. I also post my #journal here that hopefully will make you feel life is beautiful.


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