The Making of Boo and Bears

Mikie Jones 4th of October 2021 Musings

Mikie Jones, MCS
3 min readOct 4, 2021


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My mom bought an Anthony Robbins book for me when I was going to Canada to study around 20 years ago. That book is packed with wisdom and has a lot of knowledge that could make me a mighty person. The book was read and understood. But it wasn’t properly put to action.
Now, after 20 years, I am beginning to take the advice properly.


In the book, it preaches that we can program ourselves through NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) to succeed in any field we choose to work on. We can take people who have gained success and model their behaviours, actions, and thinking. We will then be able to change our lives to become more than we ever wanted.

The process of getting what we want is to have a goal in mind and then pay the price to get it. The bigger the plan, the more we will have to sacrifice for us to achieve it.

It’s simple wisdom, yet so hard to practice.


In the days to come, I hope that I will be putting in the work that has been all just in my head, trying to squeeze in 20 hours of work and sleep just 4 hours a day. When I have been just planning and not taking action, I have become a NATO guy. No Action Talk Only.

With that said, I am beginning to put in action to take on minor tasks to build my strength to take on more significant tasks. But, unfortunately, I have been just talking for far too long, which is really just hindering me from taking action. It’s like a mountain is preventing me from taking action because of this mountain of bad habits that I have accumulated over the years.

Thus, to move and get things done, I think I need to make short sprints with breaks in between to get me somewhere I want to go.

It is better to keep the goals to myself and not tell the world about them, like being a billionaire. It’s just not going to happen happen. It has to be worked on…



Mikie Jones, MCS

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